595B RTC

Cargadores de Vehículos todo Terreno

Diseñado para máxima confiabilidad y productividad, el 595B RTC cuenta con un bastidor rígido increíblemente estable y opciones de pluma de hasta 40 pies, para impulsar su carga a un nivel completamente nuevo.

Características / Especificaciones / Accesorios

Rough Terrain Carrier Frame

The Rough Terrain Carrier is built with a rigid frame that provides far more stability than articulated carriers, allowing operators to maneuver safely without sacrificing performance.

Drawbar Pull

The RTC delivers extraordinary drawbar pull of 21,000 pounds, enough to pull a small log trailer, easily move through mud, and even climb steep grades of up to 45-percent.


4-wheel, 2-wheel and crab steering capabilities allow for effective maneuvering in tight spaces. With all four wheels maintaining ground contact to provide proper support, the RTC can easily navigate from pile to pile to maximize efficiency.

Turning Radius

Using 4-wheel-steer, the machine’s 18-foot turning radius is sharper than many half-ton pickup trucks.


With ability to travel up to 12 mph in high gear, the RTC won’t drain your productivity every time you have to move across the yard.


Two sets of foldaway stabilizers further contribute to keeping loads steady.


The 595B is powered by a 173-HP Cummins QSB6.7 Tier 4 diesel engine with SCR aftertreatment.

Hydraulic Control System

The 595B features a pilot-operated control system, in conjunction with IQAN electronic controls, to provide a more natural feel for the operator. The system can be configured as necessary, and maintenance can be performed simply without a specialist.

Load Sensing Hydraulics

Unlike open loop systems that waste fuel, Barko’s efficient load sensing system delivers power only when needed. Load sensing valves and pump deliver excellent metering by matching pressure and flow. Adaptable to most attachments, the system runs cool. Efficient and precise grapple functions reduce operator fatigue.

Joystick Controls

Multi-functional dual joystick controls are ergonomically designed to provide enhanced comfort and productivity.

Boom Construction

Wider, all-welded boom construction with fabricated box type design includes engineered sweeping curves for added strength and increased fatigue resistance.

360-Degree Rotation

Rotary manifold allows for 360-degree continuous boom rotation and provides electrical and hydraulic power to the lower frame.

Swing Torque

Dual motors and planetary gearboxes produce 55,000 foot-pounds of swing torque, while improving machine balance.


Standard 7,000-pound cast steel counterweight provides extra stability.

Zinc Plated Pins

Extra large zinc plated pins and bolts provide added durability in high-stress areas.

Centralized Valves

Centralized hydraulic control valves are easily accessible outside cab door.

Bolt-On Cylinder Glands

Bolt-on cylinder glands make on-site service easy, while piston rings extend product life. Cylinders are made of heavy-duty steel tubing, and heavy chrome cylinder rods are heat-treated for added strength.


Centralized turntable greasing system and removable service panels simplify maintenance tasks.

Operator Cab

Vibration-isolated «floating cab» provides a smoother ride. Weather sealed, insulated and climate controlled, the cab includes a suspension seat with armrests, foot swing controls, swing out entry door, front guard and halogen lights. Walk-up steps and a solid platform minimize the potential for slip-and-falls when entering the cab.

Instrument Panel

Digital display provides enhanced monitoring of all machine functions.


Tinted windows, including roof, rear and sliding side windows, provide 360-degree visibility for safer operation.

Fuel Tank

120-gallon (454 L) fuel tank capacity allows for longer operating intervals.