Cargadores Eléctricos Estacionarios

El cargador eléctrico fijo Barko 595-SE-ERS utiliza una estación remota eléctrica. Cuando se monta en un pedestal estándar, ofrece hasta 32 pies (casi 10 metros) de alcance horizontal.

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Power Sources

The 595-SE-ERS is available with a 125-HP (93 kW) open drip proof encapsulated electric motor, electrical enclosure with motor start circuit, and start/stop switches supplied for the control console.


Loader is mounted a standard 33-inch-tall (838 mm) pedestal with 52-inch (1,321 mm) diameter bottom plate.

Load Sensing Hydraulics

Load sensing valves and pump deliver excellent metering by matching pressure and flow. Efficient and precise grapple functions reduce operator fatigue.

Joystick Controls

Ergonomically designed, multi-functional, dual electric-controlled joysticks are supplied for mounting into the operator station.

Boom Construction

Wider, all-welded boom construction with fabricated box type design includes engineered sweeping curves for added strength and increased fatigue resistance.

Swing Torque

Dual motors and planetary gearboxes produce 55,000 foot-pounds (74,570 Nm) of swing torque.

Zinc Plated Pins

Extra large zinc plated pins and bolts provide added durability in high-stress areas.

Centralized Valves

Centralized hydraulic control valves are easily accessible.

Bolt-On Cylinder Glands

Bolt-on cylinder glands make on-site service easy, while piston rings extend product life. Cylinders are made of heavy-duty steel tubing, and heavy chrome cylinder rods are heat-treated for added strength.


Removable service panels simplify maintenance tasks.