Ofreciendo caballos de fuerza excepcionales, torque de giro y esfuerzo de tracción, el procesador 270B cuenta con una configuración de pluma de cabeza colgante para desramado y cosecha a medida.

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The 270B is powered by a 225-HP Cummins QSB6.7 Tier 4 Final diesel engine with SCR aftertreatment. The unit includes a 36-inch-diameter auto reversing fan with automatic blade pitch control to optimize engine efficiency.

IQAN Control System

IQAN electrohydraulic control system is specifically designed for Barko machines, with hydraulics tailored for processing applications. IQAN offers infinite variable control, including programmable settings for individual operators.

IQAN-MD4 Display

System information and machine diagnostics are conveyed on a convenient Parker IQAN-MD4 cab touchscreen display.

Hydraulic Power

The hydraulic system on the 270B ensures power is always available, allowing operators to instantaneously shift from function to function with no delayed reactions like with other machines.

  • Load sensing hydraulics automatically adjust performance according to the load.
  • Delivers more hydraulic horsepower to the attachment through exceptional pressure and flow.
  • A dedicated attachment pump runs the dangle head without robbing flow from the machine for other functions.

Undercarriage & Tracks

The D7 undercarriage with 8.5-inch chain pitch offers ground clearance of 29.5 inches and track width of 11 feet, 5.5 inches with 700-mm pads. Longer tracks also contribute to firm, stable footing.

Drawbar Pull

The 270B delivers an impressive drawbar pull of 66,700 foot-pounds, giving it the ability to handle steep hills and rough terrain with ease.


Dual swing-drives provide continuous rotation and high swing torque of 58,384 foot-pounds. The machine features a heavy-duty, oversized swing bearing and offers excellent reach with its dangle head boom configuration.

Forward-Sliding Cab

A patented, forward-sliding cab design allows for easier service access to the main electrical panel and engine compartment.

Gull-Wing Door

A large, hydraulically opening gull-wing door offers direct access to the engine and components. Spanning nearly the full length of the machine, the gull wing serves as a service platform, complete with a slip-resistant walking surface.


The 270B features a storage tray, two storage areas on the door, and space for a lunch box inside the cab, along with two additional storage areas outside the cab.

Operator Cab

Large side door entry provides easy access to the comfortable cab, which offers excellent visibility, a heated air-ride seat, cup holder, dome light, radio with MP3 auxiliary, AM/FM/WB, USB, XM-ready and Bluetooth, and even a coat hanger.


A 1.25-inch polycarbonate front window provides added safety on processing jobs. 8 exterior LED lights further contribute to excellent visibility around the entire working area.

Fuel Tank

Large 275-gallon (1,040 L) fuel tank capacity allows for longer run periods between refills. Excellent fuel economy reduces fuel costs and downtime for refueling.


Attachments fold completely under the processor boom, allowing easy transport on the road.