Tractores Industriales con Ruedas

El tractor industrial de ruedas Barko 930B ofrece un diseño resistente, una visibilidad excepcional del operador y una capacidad de conexión versátil. La máquina proporciona un rendimiento constante para grandes aplicaciones comerciales y municipales.

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The 930B is powered by a 320-HP Cummins QSL9 Tier 4 diesel engine with SCR aftertreatment. The unit includes a high-capacity anti-clog radiator with auto reversing fan.

Load Sensing Hydraulics

Unlike open loop systems that waste fuel, Barko’s load sensing hydraulic system automatically adjusts attachment performance according to the load, resulting in greater productivity and higher efficiency.

Hydraulics / Attachment Drive

With pressure ratings up to 5,000 psi, a high-flow hydraulic pump delivers far more horsepower to the attachment than competitive machines. High capacity oil cooler and variable displacement piston pumps keep hydraulic oil cool to maximize service life. A high-pressure 20 micron return filter helps prevent debris from damaging pumps and valves.

Travel System

A hydrostatic transmission with two-speed transfer case allows for controlled operation speeds and travel speeds up to 12.2 mph (19.6 km/h).

Articulation Joint

A unique 45-degree articulation joint withstands extreme stress and tough terrain, while the machine’s overall maneuverable design allows for work in tight spaces.

High Strength Construction

Weld blending and engineered sweeping curves provide added strength and increased fatigue resistance.

Bolt-On Cylinder Glands

High-strength hydraulic cylinders with bolt-on glands combine maximum durability with easy serviceability on-site.

Cover Plates

Cover plates, guards and seals help prevent debris from getting into the machine.

Centralized Lubrication

Routine maintenance is simplified by a centralized lubrication station that provides one access point for greasing steering cylinders and axles.

Service Access

Tractor includes lockable and removable side panels, as well as removable side, front and bottom brake, engine and transmission covers. An integrated toolbox keeps tools handy when needed.

Operator Cab

ROPS and FOPS certified, the tightly sealed, vibration-isolated floating cab features sound insulation and an adjustable bucket seat with 4-point harness. Climate controlled with air conditioning and heating with defroster, the cab includes dual joystick controls, pilot operated foot travel and brake pedals, and various control buttons.


The 930B offers tinted Lexan glass on all windows. An air knife system keeps the front windshield clear of debris. A total of 9 mounted cab lights provide enhanced visibility around the machine.

Fuel Tank

127-gallon (481 L) fuel tank capacity allows for longer operating intervals.