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Tractores Industriales con Ruedas

El tractor industrial de ruedas Barko 930B ofrece un diseño resistente, una visibilidad excepcional del operador y una capacidad de conexión versátil. La máquina proporciona un rendimiento constante para grandes aplicaciones comerciales y municipales.

Características / Especificaciones / Accesorios

Hydraulic Control System

Patent-pending control system offers variable hydraulic flow and pressure.

Hydraulic System Cab Display

Users can select adjustments on a 3.5-inch cab display – no manual pump or hydraulic system adjustments are required. Allows monitoring of flow and pressure settings at all times. Safety prompts ask the operator to verify setting selection to avoid flows or pressures that could damage the attachment.

Durable Construction

Robust steel design with durable 2-inch pins helps withstand jobsite abuse.

Quick Couplers

Hydraulic quick couplers allow for clean and easy plumbing changes.

Protective Guards

Cylinders and actuating mechanisms are guarded inside the coupler to minimize debris accumulation.

Self-Aligning Adaptor

Self-aligning mechanical adaptor plate allows for fast, efficient changes. Visual indicators allow the operator to see, from the cab, when the interface is coupled or decoupled, which is faster than manual pinning.

Attachment Versatility

Mechanical interface is compatible with common attachments from major manufacturers.