Utility Loaders

Toda la durabilidad que espera de Barko ahora está disponible en un paquete más pequeño. El cargador utilitario Barko 70XL, con un peso de solo 4,550 libras, es un diseño altamente diseñado, probado y comprobado que aborda algunos de los mayores desafíos que enfrentan los profesionales de la industria en la actualidad. Es simple, duradero, liviano y suave como la mantequilla. Lo pediste, ahora está aquí.

Características / Especificaciones / Accesorios

Boom Construction

All-welded boom construction with fabricated box type design includes engineered sweeping curves for added strength and increased fatigue resistance. Straight booms are available in 22’5” and 25’7” of reach.

Operator Platform

The Model 70 has a fully re-designed operator’s station featuring a comfortable seat that comes standard with armrests and an adjustable lap belt. The climb from the ground to the operator’s station is more ergonomic with a round ladder rail design and non-slip treads that help you get into the seat safely.

Various Subframe Heights

To accommodate various mounting configurations, Barko offers three different subframe heights for trailer and truck mounts.

Swing System

The swing system uses a heavy duty 27” bearing and can be configured to rotate continuously with both electric and hydraulic slip rings, or non-continuously with approximately 600° of rotation.


Easy access for all systems is designed into the Model 70 to make maintenance easier.

Durable Finish

All structures are powder coated before assembly giving the product a durable, long lasting finish.

Robust Structures

The Model 70 is designed to be both durable and light weight to maximize longevity and payload.

Standard Accessories

Loader mounting hardware, folding joysticks, and dual ladders are all standard with the Model 70.