Utility Loaders

El cargador utilitario Barko 80XL ofrece una productividad excepcional día tras día. Diseñada pensando en la eficiencia, la máquina ofrece una capacidad máxima de elevación frontal de 12,250 libras.

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Boom Construction

All-welded boom construction with fabricated box type design includes engineered sweeping curves for added strength and increased fatigue resistance. The telescoping boom features a 3’ telescoping section providing either 25’ or 27’ of reach at maximum extension.

Dedicated Swing Circuit

A triple gear pump produces up to 62 gallons per minute, with one pump section dedicated to the planetary swing drive that allows simultaneous operation of the boom and swing system without losing flow to necessary functions.

360-Degree Rotation

Rotary manifold allows for 360-degree continuous boom rotation and provides electrical and hydraulic power to the lower frame.

Hydraulic Valves

Hydraulic control valves are mounded under the joysticks with manual linkages that control each valve section for boom and grapple functions.

Bolt-On Cylinder Glands

Bolt-on cylinder glands make on-site service easy, while seal rings extend product life. Cylinders are made of heavy-duty steel tubing, and heavy chrome cylinder rods are heat-treated for added strength.

Pedestal Heights

Various pedestal heights are available for truck or trailer mounting with or without the use of a small spacer.


Telescopic stabilizers controlled from the platform or the ground help keep loads steady. Housings are attached to the pedestal with large bolts so they can be removed easily for service.

Standard Accessories

Mounting bolts and support plates are supplied. Loader is also equipped with load securing posts and dual ladders with non-slip treading.

Optional Accessories

LED Boom and platform lights, Grapples, hydraulic accessories (pump, oil reservoir, and oil cooler) are available.