SM 518.2

Nuestro modelo sucesor más pequeño y altamente flexible de la probada máquina de cribado SM 518 Plus ahora está equipado con la última tecnología de motor que cumple con los estándares de emisiones Stage V de la UE y ofrece un producto final de máxima calidad en hasta 5 fracciones.

Usos y Aplicaciones



The SM 518.2 actually belongs on every medium-sized recycling facility by law when it comes to environmental protection. Our screening machine is able to handle household and commercial waste, compost, bark, wood chips, bulk materials or excavated earth and it always delivers end products of the very best quality in up to five separate fractions (by using the optional equipment) and the materials can be used for the next utilization steps directly.

Depending on your needs, the SM 518.2 can either be operated as a drum or star screening machine. With our quick-change system, the retrofitting from drum to star screen in such cases requires almost no time, which is a huge effective advantage especially for service providers with a wide range of screening tasks.

Thus, you no longer have to worry about how you will manage everything when you need to screen 300 m³ of compost with a screening drum with 10 mm and then have to handle about 500 m³ of wood chips with 40 mm using the star screen insert.

The SM 518.2 is equipped by default as a two-fraction drum screening machine that is able to generate up to five fractions in one step with the aid of optional units for oversized material separation, rear belt air separation and magnetic rollers.

But it doesn’t stop there, since the machine is so flexibly designed that it can also be used as mixer with a mixing drum, e.g., for bulk materials. The SM 518.2 is also unique when you use the washing drum conversion kit and thus are able deliver an end product as desired with a clean surface and ready for further use.

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