SM 720.2 SA

Como el modelo más grande con un tambor de cribado de más de 7 metros, el SM 720.2 SA está predestinado para un funcionamiento continuo durante tareas de cribado de alto rendimiento. A pesar de su tamaño, la actualización y el transporte son fáciles y convenientes y, por lo tanto, son ideales para trabajos de reciclaje exigentes en lugares de trabajo cambiantes.

Usos y Aplicaciones



The particular features that make up the SM 720.2 SA are immediately apparent: Its screening drum that extends over 7 m in length and has a total screening area of 38 m² ensures that the machine is able to quickly and cleanly separate very difficult materials at a high throughput.

Like its smaller siblings, the SM 720.2 SA is designed to work. Be it household waste, commercial waste, compost, bark, wood chips, building rubble, excavated earth or gravel – the machine always carries out its work efficiently and reliably.

In spite of its size, the SM 720.2 SA impresses with its very high level of mobility. It can be transported on roads without any restrictions, which makes it particularly attractive for recycling service providers with different job sites.

The SM 720.2 SA is configured by default as a two-fraction drum screening machine. If necessary, it is able to produce up to four fractions in a single step with the aid of a rock screen, vibrating screen, air separator and magnets, which are optionally available separately.

Especially practical: With an overall permissible weight of 24 m. tons, such additional components do not have to be removed for transport to the next site and thus may remain in place on the machine.

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