AK 315

La trituradora móvil más pequeña de la serie AK, la AK 315, se puede utilizar para casi todas las tareas de trituración, mientras que su nuevo motor MTU de 230 kW cumple con los últimos estándares de emisiones Stage V.

Usos y Aplicaciones


The AK 315 can be used flexibly and universally. It’s equally suitable for shredding waste wood, wooden pallets, green waste, organic waste, tree stumps and root wood and for finely shredding solid recovered fuels. The heavy, two-row flail drum can be fitted with different flail tips to suit different materials and applications, while the optional fine shredding baskets in mesh sizes from 30 mm to 320 mm can be used to create different product formats.

The material feed is controlled by the load to ensure optimal power utilization and maintain consistently high throughput. When a certain pressure threshold is reached at the feed roller, it automatically reverses. The conveyor’s feed speed can be manually adjusted to suit the material requirements.

The optional lowerable rear discharge conveyor is hydraulically controlled for easy extension and retraction, and it can be fully lowered to enable maintenance work to be performed on the flail drum. Its discharge height of more than 3.5 m makes for easy transfer of shredded material to downstream machines or containers.

MTU’s powerful, state-of-the-art diesel engine features electronic torque optimization for high torque coupled with low fuel consumption. The large-sized, slow-running fan wheel ensures low-noise operation.

The new, decentralised electrics provide advanced diagnostic capabilities for easier troubleshooting.

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