Como sucesor del AK 560 EcoPower Plus, el AK 565 Plus móvil de 3 ejes está equipado con un nuevo motor que cumple con los estándares de emisiones Stage V de la UE. El transportador trasero de 6 m de largo ofrece una gran flexibilidad en lo que respecta a la descarga.

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With the extra long, three-part rear conveyor, which is standard on the AK 565 Plus, it is easy to bridge a distance of 6 m to discharge – with a discharge height of 4.2 m. This offers you more room to maneuver both when loading and clearing conical piles or when transferring shredded material to downstream machines or into a container. The rear conveyor can be lowered almost entirely to the ground, making tool changes or regular maintenance very simple and convenient.

The Doppstadt AK 565 Plus can be used for a very broad range of materials, such as for shredding waste wood, wood pallets, green waste, bio-waste, tree trunks and roots.

The scraper floor and the floating infeed roller have their own drive units. This optimizes the flow of material, which leads to higher throughput values for all types of materials. The optimized main drive with the proven MTU engine complies with the latest EU Stage V emissions standards, additionally offering a consistently higher torque (plus 140 Nm) compared to its predecessor.

The flail drum has a width of 1,750°mm and a diameter of 1,120 mm. It weighs an impressive 2.5 m. tons and revolves at approx. 1,000 revolutions per minute. It is equipped with 36 free-oscillating flails, ensuring that it can easily process oversized input materials.

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