AK 565

La potente trituradora móvil AK 565 es flexible y de uso universal y se distingue por una cinta de descarga trasera abatible, que ofrece una mayor facilidad de mantenimiento. El nuevo motor también cumple con los últimos estándares de emisiones Stage V de la UE.

Usos y Aplicaciones



Maximum throughput is one of the distinguishing features of this machine. The material is moved by a scraper floor and the infeed roller, which are controlled using an electrohydraulic unit in line with the system’s loading. By doing so, engine output is optimally utilized continually. Scraper floor and infeed roller are powered separately, which in turn improves material intake and equalization.

Another factor ensuring the AK 565’s ability to deliver outstanding performance is the modified main drive, which not only fulfills the latest EU Stage V emissions standards but also provides at the same time a consistently higher torque (plus 140 Nm) over its predecessor. The heart of the machine is its heavy belt-driven flail drum, which rotates 1,000 rpm and is equipped as standard with high-quality “Plus” flail tips.

Doppstadt’s AK 565 can be used universally for a very broad range of materials, e.g. to shred green waste, garden and park waste, bio-waste, pre-shredded tree trunks, roots, waste wood and wood pallets. For particular applications, our AK fine shredders can be optimally combined with other Doppstadt products, e.g. with pre-shredders or screening machines.

The lowerable rear conveyor, the expanded diagnostic capability and the ability to easily replace parts ensure that it is very easy to service and maintain the machine. Improved fire protection and more effective control of cooling system allow for optimized operation with maximum operational reliability.

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