INVENTHOR 6 combina lo mejor de ambos mundos: toda la experiencia de la serie DW 3060 y todas las innovaciones tecnológicas de INVENTHOR 9. El resultado: un concepto de máquina diseñado para la máxima eficiencia con un alto grado de idoneidad para el uso práctico.


INVENTHOR 6 establece estándares de eficiencia de trituración. Benefíciese de su exclusivo VarioDirect Drive, el mayor tiempo de actividad y un funcionamiento sencillo y flexible, desde la primera tonelada. ¡Conozca a la sucesora de la DW 3060 y aproveche la última generación de trituradoras Doppstadt para su negocio!

Usos y Aplicaciones



Doppstadt is consistently continuing its “Smart Solutions” concept with the Inventhor 6. The latest generation of slow speed shredders is designed to deliver maximum efficiency during shredding.

For instance, with its unique VarioDirect Drive concept. It leverages Doppstadt’s patented gearbox. This combination of mechanical and hydraulic gears continuously and steplessly transfers the torque to the shredding system. By doing so, the speed of the shredding shaft can be flexibly adapted to the different material throughput, while the drive is very efficient at delivering a high level of performance at a constant speed.  As a result, it is also possible to stop and start the shredding process even under load. And in case of blockage, the VarioDirect Drive can automatically switch to reverse mode.

The intuitive operating concept and modular design of the Inventhor 6 ensure maximum availability for a wide range of applications. In this context, it can also be easily adjusted to different materials by quickly switching out the entire shredder package.

On top of that, its material feed system ensures that the shredding process goes smoothly. It boasts a tipping hopper volume of 2 m³, which can be increased up to approx. 5 m³ by using auxiliary attachment panels. The hopper can either be loaded and tilted batch-wise or it can be set at a suitable angle such that the material automatically slides into the shredding area.

The Inventhor’s counter comb door, which opens up wide, makes the entire shredding area and engine compartment easy to access. This means that maintenance and switchover procedures can be carried out quickly and safely, decisively increasing the shredder’s uptime.

The machine is distinguished by great flexibility. Different discharge conveyor belt systems can be easily mounted and replaced using the central attachment system. As a result, selectable belt lengths allow for implementing very high discharge heights and steplessly adjustable belt angles.

The Inventhor 6 is available as standard with a trailer, semi-trailer or tracked chassis so that it can also be moved automatically as needed.

Sounds good? It is! Discover the Inventhor 6 in our special online presentation:

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