Adaptable y versátil como ningún otro de su clase: Methor toma las cosas como vienen. Como sistema de reciclaje polivalente, es simplemente imparable. Ya sea para abrir (bolsas), dosificar, cargar, desintegrar, triturar o cortar, indestructible y resistente a los contaminantes, cubre la más amplia gama de aplicaciones incluso en las condiciones más adversas.


Nuestra multiherramienta Methor ofrece la más amplia variedad de aplicaciones de su clase. La trituración de residuos industriales, residuos de construcción y demolición, colchonetas, escombros de construcción, residuos biológicos o madera de desecho, por ejemplo, no plantean ningún problema, pero incluso los residuos enredados de la producción de papel y plástico, la trituración de rollos o productos en rollo o cinta magnética chatarra y la apertura de las bolsas de basura amarillas son fáciles con el Methor. Para cadenas de procesos de alto rendimiento, se puede combinar de manera óptima, p. Ej. con criba de tambor o la Selector 400 con plataforma de cribado de eje en espiral SWS.

Usos y Aplicaciones




As the Methor is easily adaptable, it enables by far the widest range of applications of its class. Enterprises with smaller volume flow rates as well as users with special fractions profit from its precisely adjustable and efficient performance and from the possibility to adapt the highly contaminant-resistant shredding system to changing materials -quickly and tailored to suit the needs.

Apart from its smart operation, ease of operation and component construction, the Methor as a multi-purpose recycling system also offers many upgrade options in order to adapt to changing material flows.

After all, the Methor allows operators to respond quickly to changing challenges thanks to its modular design. Each machine is built on the basis of a modular system, which starts with the drive. Customers have the option to choose between a standard diesel engine or a standard electric motor. But even a variant without its own drive system is possible, since the drive train can also be connected to an external engine.

The Methor is the only single shaft shredder in its class with bolt-on tools – and at the same time the system with the largest selection of tools. And it can be retrofitted within 30 minutes. Installed crosswise, the shredding roller discharges the material in conveying direction of the belt, thus ensuring outstanding process reliability.

The innovative HydraulicDirect Drive continuously adapts the shredding system’s performance to demand. At the same time, the load torque on the drive is continuously optimized, which has a positive impact on consumption and wear and tear. If the pump pressure increases suddenly as a result of a blockage, the drive automatically switches, e.g., to the reversing program thus protecting the Methor automatically from damage.

The hydraulic drive, the overall design a of the shredding chamber and the roller supported by cushioning tyres make the Methor extremely contaminant-proof and therefore resistant against foreign bodies. Even under the most adverse conditions it is simply indestructible and unstoppable.

The load-sensing material feed system works closely together with the HydraulicDirect Drive. It utilizes the pump pressure of the drive to control the angle of the feed hopper. As a result, the Methor can be loaded in relation to the machine’s current load, allowing it to operate continually and even more dynamically.

After all, its operating concept also takes into account that the Methor can be used in very different work environments. In addition to using the machine’s intuitive control panel, key functions can also be activated using the wireless remote control. The Methor can also be used to set up a WiFi hotspot, allowing it to be configured and monitored using any browser installed on an internet-enabled device.

Depending on the operating conditions, the Methor can be equipped with a hook lift or with a tracked chassis, allowing it to move independently. The shredding unit is also available as a stand-alone component for stationary use.

You can find more information about the new compact Methor in our special online presentation:

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