DU 320

El DU 320 es el complemento ideal para cualquier empresa que quiera aprovechar mejor la capacidad de sus tractores grandes. El volteador de hileras con unidad de inversión voltea lateralmente hileras planas y trapezoidales, acelerando efectivamente el proceso de conversión biológica por medio de la aireación.

Usos y Aplicaciones



The DU 320 is suited to deliver throughput rates of up to 1000 m3/hr. regardless of the type of the windrow. It is pushed along the edge of a windrow while milling the material and discharging it at the same time via the side conveyor in order to set up a new windrow next to the machine.

The machine can be flexibly used anywhere and requires only a very short set-up time. The lateral milling discs are equipped with especially wear-resistant tools that can be easily changed.

The DU 320 is connected with the corresponding vehicle with the aid of a three-point hitch. Rotating 1000 rpm, the PTO drives the entire unit with so much power that the requirements for continuous use are easily satisfied.

Components from well-known manufacturers are used for the hydraulics, control and safety systems. The well-thought-out design results in particularly short maintenance periods and downtime during operation. Like all Doppstadt machines, the DU 320 moreover stands out thanks to its ease of operation and great mobility.

The DU 320 windrow turner is used for the effective turning and processing of compost windrows, contaminated soils and for windrows comprising shredded green waste or residual waste /bio-waste.

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